Magic ‘talking’ beans wedding gift

What a cute wedding gift this would make – and for just £3!

Beanstalk Magic Talking Seeds

Beanstalk 'Magic Talking Seeds'

Available at, you get a pack of five beans with messages and pictures laser-etched in.

I, of course, like the ‘Angel’ pack (the brackets explain the image which appears on the reverse of the bean):

Faith (Dove) Peace (Peace) Hope (Hope) Love (Heart) Joy (☺)

For brides for their grooms, and vice versa, how about:

Cheeky Pack: Hug Me (Teddy Bear) Kiss Me (Lips) Squeeze Me (Hand) Feed Me (Apple) Tickle Me (Hand)

Love Pack: I Love You (Heart) I Miss You (Heart) Only You (Heart) Forever (Sun) Thanks (Flower)

How much would you forgive someone if you saw this sweet apology growing from the soil?

Sorry Pack: I (Heart) Just (Heart) Want (Heart) To Say (Heart) Sorry (Heart)

If you got this one, however, it might be curtains for your relationship!

Nasty Pack: Idiot (☺) Fish Face (Fish) Shut Up (Lips) Dumbo (Sun) Lazy Bone (ZzZz)

And for a ‘novelty extra’ wedding guest gift:

Motivation Pack: Yes! (Tick) Good Luck (Thumbs) Congrats (Wine Glass) Go!Go!Go! (Rocket) BestWishes(WineGlass)

Or present for your bridal party:

Friends Pack: Friend (☺) Forever (Sun) Thanks (Flower) Joy (☺) Hi (☺)

Beanstalk Magic Talking Seeds

Beanstalk 'Magic Talking Seeds'

They also have the following:

Birthday Pack: Happy Birthday (Cake) Happy Birthday (Cake) BestWishes(WineGlass) Congrats (Wine Glass) Surprise (Star)

Family Pack: Mum (Heart) Dad (Sun) Me (☺) Home (House) Family (House)

Fortune Pack: Lucky (Sun) Wealthy (£€$) Healthy (Apple) Happy (☺) Rich (£€$)

Happy Pack: Happy (☺) Smile (☺) Joy (☺) Relax (☺) Fun (☺)

Text Pack: Lol (☺) OK (Lips) IDK (Hand) WTF(Apple) OMG (Hand)

Just plant the seeds into water beads or soil and they should grow within two weeks. The messages enlarge along with the bean.

For all you horticulturalists, the beans come from the Green Bean family and their official name is “Canavalia Ensiformis” or if you prefer, a Jack Bean.

Need to know:

Made by Beecycle; available at or phone 0845 2591359.


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