Friday fun… Wedding photobooth props ~ tutorial and printable templates

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It’s great to have some fun photos of you and your guests to look back on. They’ll keep you smiling long after your memories of the vicar’s gaffe or Uncle John’s dodgy dance moves have begun to fade.

Some form of fancy dress can be a great ice breaker if you have a lot of guests who are meeting for the first time. It’s pretty cheap to come by and can be easy to make your own.

Now we’re not talking head to toe outfits here. A few props will go down well – but this should be no excuse for the groom to transform himself into a Star Wars Stormtrooper.

Bearing this in mind I had to let you know about this post on how to make a moustache straw which Paper + Cup shared via Etsy.

All you need, as well as the moustache template, is paper, scissors, glue, a hole punch and straws.

You could also attach the cut-out moustache to a thin wooden stick to for fun photobooth shots like these from Get Knotted Photography.

I also found this great post from The Pretty Blog which has templates for colourful moustaches, lips, bow ties and jewellery.

Happy crafting!


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