Inspiration… In love with lavender

The wedding of award-winning director Sofia Coppola and rock star Thomas Mars was always going to set tongues wagging, and the photographic snippets we’ve seen already didn’t disappoint.

Sofia’s Azzedine Alaia gown will make sure lavender shoots up many brides’ lust list.

Folklore has long linked lavender with love and in truth, it isn’t rare for weddings to bear lavender hues. The sweetly-scented plant sets the perfect tone for rustic, country chic weddings of the kind we’re all a little bit in love with just now. And it exudes a coolness and maturity that its more popular pink cousin does not.

Lavender is a great complementary colour, combining well with yellows, pale green, chocolate brown, navy and cornflower blues and deeper purple shades.

But why not, like Sofia, let lavender take centre stage?

Use it for your bridesmaids, jewellery, hair, centrepieces, décor, stationery, favours … even cupcakes!

♥ Scroll on for inspiration and if you fancy making your own lavender sachet favours read this great tutorial by Laura Lavender via Twips.

Photos: 1 Dessy; 2 Hello Lucky; 3 Style Me Pretty; 4 The Wedding of my Dreams (£6 for pack of six chalkboards); 5 Shelterness via Pinterest; 6 Cox and Cox (£17.50 for four bowls); 7 and 8 Pollyfields (lavender love set £75 and lavender heart £20); 9 Style Me Pretty; 10 Awelltravelledwoman via Pinterest; 11 Lonkoosh @ Etsy; 12 Becollective @ Etsy; 13 Through the Cottage Door (bath essence £12.99); 14 And all things nice (lavender mini wrapped soap favour £3.80); 15 Not on the high street (personalised lavender heart £9.95); 16 The Vintage Drawer (lavender pillow £9); 17 Victoria Made (mini cupcake with shortbread lavender heart); 18 Not on the high street (£18 for eight cupcake wraps)


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